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Watch Us in Action

Our core business is providing contextually relevant, real-time information to deliver value-added data and the latest custom data solutions available. To do this requires not only navigating the landscape on your behalf, but defining it. From the latest conferences to industry trends, this is where you can keep up with our newest partnerships, innovations, and thought leadership unfolding in real-time.

Infogroup Announces Record Local Listings Processed for 2016 via Top Location Management Platforms (LMPs)

February 18, 2017

2016 submission volumes followed an impressive history of year over year growth since Express Update® was launched.

Infogroup Data Licensing Named Top Choice for Local Citation Solutions

May 18, 2016
Industry experts recognize Infogroup citation quality for third time within yearly survey


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Infogroup Consumer Choice and Resource Center

Infogroup Consumer Choice and Resource Center

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Real-Time location data means better targeting and ultimately translates to better campaign performance. Infogroup has developed a reputation for having the most accurate business database in the marketplace, so you can be confident you are targeting the right audience with the right offer.