Infogroup Announces Record Local Listings Processed for 2016 via Top Location Management Platforms (LMPs)

Infogroup Announces Record Local Listings Processed for 2016 via Top Location Management Platforms (LMPs)

OMAHA, Neb. - Feb. 16, 2017Infogroup Data Licensing, the leading provider of business location data to local search directories and vehicle navigation systems, announced another record year today for local listings submitted via Location Management Platform (LMP) partners and processed through Infogroup’s Express Update® solution. 2016 submission volumes followed an impressive history of year over year growth since Express Update® was launched.

“Listing management and location-based marketing has never been more critical as businesses recognize the importance of being found across all digital channels where consumers search today,” said Bob Toth, General Manager, Infogroup Data Licensing. “As local marketing becomes more of a focus, we continue seeing a steady increase in the volume of local listings submitted through our partners.”

This focus of digital discovery for businesses was highlighted in a recent report by Forrester Research, titled Vendor Landscape: Location Management Platforms, which profiled 12 companies offering location management services.

“Infogroup is pleased to see the attention these innovative companies received in the Forrester report and is honored to count them all as valued partners,” continued Toth. “It is also gratifying to have this kind of validation of Infogroup’s importance and role in the local ecosystem.”

“Submitting local listings to Infogroup is a fundamental part of our location management platform” said Dudley Carr, Chief Product Officer Moz Local at Moz. “As the SEO leader, our mission for Moz Local is to help businesses make local their advantage by delivering business listing data transparency, verification, accuracy and local marketing results that are unmatched in the industry. Infogroup’s Express Update is an easy-to-use solution that enables us to assist clients in ensuring that their company information is distributed correctly and consistently everywhere consumers are looking.”

Infogroup’s Express Update solution helps LMPs, who obtain their client’s location(s) information such as name, address, phone, (also known as NAP) and enhanced content such as photos, operating hours, payments accepted, and menus, distribute to places where consumers are searching. These places include local search sites, navigation devices, mobile apps, directory assistance services and all of the leading Internet Yellow Page sites, making it possible for LMPs’ clients to reach millions of consumers at the right place and at the right time.

“With local searches rapidly increasing, more businesses are taking advantage of LMPs’ business listings services, trusting that their information will be distributed widely and accurately,” said Mike Iaccarino, Chairman and CEO, Infogroup. “Entering into the age of location-based marketing, Infogroup is proud to serve as the data distribution point, verifying that every online reference to the client’s NAP is correct and consistent, in order to create a positive customer experience.”  

With the increase in location-based advertising investment, mobile advertising platforms have also begun to rely on location data that not only contains NAP but also includes latitudes and longitudes (lat/longs), to ensure precise targeting and delivery of their mobile ads. Express Update also enables LMPs to submit lat/longs rather than relying on traditional geocoders to provide the precise information.

Businesses need to partner with LMPs that can provide their information to a data aggregator, who can then push this out faster to publishers. Infogroup’s Data Axle takes incoming data from Express Update and pushes it in real-time to publishers once it’s been verified and validated.

For best practices on how businesses can keep control of their local business data, download Infogroup Data Licensing’s complimentary Little Book of Local.

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