Hand-Crafted Data

Grow your business with real-time data that delivers.

Hand-Crafted Data

Our industry-leading data practices collect, cleanse, verify and analyze information to provide maximum value to your business. Leverage our services to understand your customers, segment your target with greater accuracy and gain new insights. Generate higher quality and more relevant leads.

Let our data experts help you improve and optimize your data
Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated team of experienced and highly tenured researchers to capture and collate the hard-to-reach data you need, backed with Infogroup's high-quality standards? Now, help is just a phone call away. We have hundreds of professionals that live, breathe and sleep data, including a vast domestic calling operation. Put our Custom Data Collection and Lead Qualification Services to work for you, and experience the Data Licensing difference today.

Custom data collection
Leverage the power of over 180 experienced data research specialists in our dedicated call center. We can create custom programs to help you gain unique insights about the businesses that matter to you. This can include surveying your customers, collecting missing business information that can improve your product or create a better user experience, or gathering specific competitor intelligence to better deploy internal sales and marketing efforts.

Lead qualification
Stop chasing unqualified leads and start shortening your sales cycle. We can help you profile prospects, find key decision-makers, gauge interest, and find out what service or product your contacts are currently using. We gather rich insights to improve your prospecting efforts, so your sales team can focus on closing targeted opportunities.

Data quality and hygiene
Our team can verify your records and append missing information, discover and cleanse your records with the most up-to-date information, and remove outdated business records and inactive contacts to give you the most accurate, highest-value data possible.