Boot Camp for your Data

Get your data into shape with our suite of data processing, append services & more.

Boot Camp for your Data

When your customer database isn't accurate, you're wasting time and money on outreach that never reaches its target, along with having to find new customers to replace them. Our specialists will ensure that your data is complete, accurate and contextual, so you're always able to stay connected with your most valuable assets—your customers and prospects.

We'll get your data into shape so you can focus on your business.

In today’s business world, companies lack the dedicated resources to quickly keep pace with the speed at which data changes. People change jobs. Businesses close. Mergers happen. Many companies are navigating a labyrinth of incomplete and incorrect data and don’t have the time or resources to focus on data maintenance.

Every blank or inaccurate data point in your database represents a missed opportunity and money out of your pocket. Infogroup Data Licensing offers a suite of professional services to help you get your data as valuable and accurate as it can be, in real-time.

Data Hygiene 
Whether you need help with standardizing addresses, validating information, reconciling duplicate entries, or updating out-of-business records, we have a complete set of data cleansing services to optimize the quality and accuracy of your data.

Data Append 
We collect a vast amount of multichannel attributes for each business record we actively track. Tap into Infogroup’s comprehensive business database to provide the valuable information you may be missing.

Data Profile 
Get a 360-degree view of your dataset. We’ll help you profile your data so you know where to focus to drive a higher response and improve the characteristics of your database.

Data Audit 
Our team of data experts can perform a data “health check” to help you understand what's missing and what's outdated, so you know which areas of your database need the most immediate attention.