Discover the Mobile Data Difference

Real-Time Location Data that Delivers

Discover the Mobile Data Difference

Real-Time location data means better targeting and ultimately translates to better campaign performance. Infogroup has developed a reputation for having the most accurate business database in the marketplace, so you can be confident you are targeting the right audience with the right offer.

We blend a wide variety of sources and real-time technology with the most comprehensive verification processes in the space – making over 24 million phone calls annually to verify key location data, such as Company Name, Physical Address, Phone, and Category. Our Out Of Business rate is 3 times less than our competitors, resulting in data you can trust.

Did you know?

  • Infogroup’s database has rooftop level lat/long on 85% of all U.S. Businesses
  • Infogroup has over 10,000 business categories that can be used to accurately map our data to custom audience segments
  • Verified Merchant Submissions are a primary source for Infogroup's chain database
  • Infogroup's Hours of Operation field can be used to target prospective customers at times when they are most likely to become a paying customer


In just one hour we make over 9,000 changes to our business data, such as businesses being added, removed, telephone numbers, addresses and URLs being modified. Thousands of changes can be accessed in real-time via Data Axle, providing you location data that delivers.

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